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card box graphic design sample

Hot on the heels of the Christmas card designs are the Christmas card box designs! The printer provides a box template. I feature the front of the card full-size on the front of the box and choose a good color. Simple design is usually best ;) These boxes aren’t displayed in a store, so they don’t need to be too fancy.

Christmas Card Boxes graphic design sample

Since the cards aren’t printed yet to be photo’d or scanned, I open the PDFs in Photoshop and create tiffs for printing on the card box designs. I import them as 300dpi, CMYK images – the card fronts at full size, and the card backs at half size. Then I create the card box design sample for my client’s approval. They include a photo of the artist and a brief bio. There were NO changes on this job! It went from my design to the printer on the same day!

I was lucky that the color theme of the cards called out for a rich dark green and dark red for the box colors. Last year we had blue and gold boxes, so this created a nice distinction between the two years. Let me know if you have any questions about this card box graphic design sample!

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