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2012 planner graphic design sample

Just off to the printer – 2012 yearly planner book design files. At 184 pages, this is my biggest graphic design job of the year.

2012 Planner graphic design sample

Once I learn the planner’s theme in March, I get started by selecting a few appropriate art samples from the artist’s portfolio. Then I create several planner cover design samples for the client’s review. The 2012 theme is Friendship, and the painting of two girls on the beach worked perfectly. I created a couple different cover designs with it before the one shown below, with the sand background, was selected. I then designed the planner’s seasonal dividers using various elements from the painting.

I will attempt to post a more in-depth study of this graphic design project as time permits. It’s quite a fascinating one, with a mix of a few four-color process pages, one Pantone color used throughout, and an additional Pantone color used for each season. It’s quite the graphic design job, as well as a bit of a headache for the printer :)

I hope you enjoyed viewing my latest graphic design sample. If you need assistance with your graphic design project, drop me a line now!


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